Big Jaws Shark Head Teeth Blue Glitter Pendant Dangle Earrings, B Movie Shark Week Jewelry Price: $21.99 (as of 20/04/2023 06:47 PST- Details)

Wearing these Jaws Shark Glitter Pendant Dangle Earrings are a secure alternative to swimming in shark infested waters!

★ Each and every beautifully sparkly Shark Head Pendant is made of Glitter Blue, Red, White and Black Acrylic.

★ Deceivingly lightweight for their size, they measure 2″ from top to bottom and about 1.5″ backward and forward.

★ Make a observation and keep your ears comfy on the sale time. Each and every pair is made together with your collection of earring hooks! Select from:

  • Nickel Free
  • Plastic Hooks
  • Clip Ons
  • Sterling Silver .925

Perfect for Shark Week – or any week! These amazing glitter Shark Head Dangle Earrings inspired from the infamous Jaws series will turn heads with any outfit!

Big Jaws Shark Head Earrings Sparkle with Laser Cut Infused Acrylic!
Pick out which Hooks these are made with!
Fun for the beach and your whole summertime attire!


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